Amiga Utilities

Amiga Multimedia Utilities
Here are a few Amiga utilities I wrote a long time ago:      (under construction!)

BigShow v8.6readme
Displays IFF ILBM/SHAM/PCHG pictures and allows the user to scroll the picture if it's larger than the display.
Plays IFF 8SVX sounds (by reading from disk on-the-fly).
BigAnim v4.0readme
Displays IFF ANIM files (by reading from disk on-the-fly). Supports sounds (in the format generated by BuildAnim).
BuildAnim v2.2readme
Builds, splits and converts ANIM files between several compression formats. Can also insert sounds in the ANIMs.

These programs were developed with and for AmigaOS 2.04 and 3.0.

You are free to use the source in any way you wish, for non-commercial purposes, under the following conditions:

  • If you use my code in a program, you must give me credit for my "contributions"
  • If you fix bugs or make other changes to my programs, you must send me the changes so I have the option of incorporating the changes in my "official" source code
  • For commercial use, contact me.