Combat Plebs Vs. EverMind Clan

Date: 97-02-10

Round One: E1M2. CTF. Ahhh... A very nice start, after some problem for EMC. They didnīt have enought players so a friend (Chtulhu) joined. And during bad ping for some players they had big problem constructing a defense, and we had fairly good backup in our base. And our new player, ACE [CP], played like a real Combat Pleb, and scored LOTS of frags :). The result of round one 498-108., difference +390.

Round Two: E2M1. CTF. This was no fun, after about 20 minutes almost everyone in EMC left the game with "their tail between their legs". And the one that is left joined our team (!?). Simply bad losers. The result of round two 1374-0, difference +1374.

Final Result: [CP]1872-[EMC]108