Combat Plebs Vs The Hellraisers

Date: 97-09-13

Round One: E4M3. The result of round one: 558-128, difference +430 .

Round Two : E2M1. Kamikaze should have maybe 100 frags more or something because some problems with the connection. The result of round two: 345-369, difference -24.

Round Two : E4M3. Many spectactors this round :). The result of round three: 200-380, difference -180.

Round Two : E2M1. We finally pulled this of and won a narrow victory. But I must say that The Hellraisers played better than us but they had som bad luck with server crash (That round they really kicked our as). I hope weŽll meet them again. The result of round four: 399-381, difference +18.

Final Result: [CP]1502-[HELL]1258