Combat Plebs Vs. The Marduks

Date: 97-01-26
Ok, this was Combat Plebs very first match. After the third try we finally discovered that three out of four playing members didnīt have the patch that is required to play this version. So 24 hours later we were prepared to begin the game... Before you jude us take a look at their Ping time:

Round One: E2M1. CTF. Our first match started great, we really viped them out. In the middle they recovered a little but we stood up again. That mirror damage caused alot of problems, especially when you had strenght and rocket, a miss aim and you becomes bored with life. The result of round one: 350-274, difference +76.

Round Two: DM6. CTF. Well, what can you say. We simple didnīt stand a chance, they move toward like a bulldozer with [MAR]Mormegil in the lead. If we have something to blaim it on itīs the short distance between the bases, they ran forward and backward bringing along our flag every time, sad... Thanks to Korik [CP] we didnīt loose our head complete. The result of round two: 266-1088, difference -822 (Damn).

Final Result: [CP]616-[MAR]1362