Combat Plebs Vs. Da Swedish Mob

Date: 97-03-08

Round One: TeamPlay. Damn maniacs... This round wasn´t easy for us, they had some positions with we never came close. And on that positions thay could easily get us. These guys really had the skill to whip our ass. The result of round one: 105-310, difference -205.

Round Two: TeamPlay. Not all to easy, but not as hard as the first round. Someone stepped into the exit and this round only lasted about 15 minutes, so this round is countinued in the third. The result of round two: 21-97, difference -76.

Round Three: TeamPlay. This round was our best. We finally learned to play DM, and we could put up some resistanse. But it wasn´t enought. The result of round three: 79-145, difference -66.

Final Result: [CP]205-[SWE MOB]552