Combat Plebs Vs. The Presidents

Date: 97-04-04

Round One: CTF. In the start I was assigned to defend the base, so I stayed in the base while the others ran off. After waiting about 5 minutes without anyone coming near our base I finnaly got tired standing there with the grappling hook. So out I went, to discover that a fierce battle was going on outside the entrance. It was Losec against The Presidents... And Losec sure kicked some as. I think all Combat Plebs felt unnecessary when Losec got that Lightning Bolt and started the cleansweap. The result of round one: 268-244, difference +24.

Round Two: CTF. Hrm.. embarrassing. I wasn´t really helpful this round, but instead the rest of Combat Plebs was on their best mood. The result of round two: 505-152, difference +353.

Final Result: [CP]773-[PRE]396