Combat Plebs Vs.Swedish Chefs

Date: 97-03-20

Round One:TeamPlay. A complete undiscovered map, when the round almost was over I found the RL and then it was to late. And trying to take a guy with RL with boomstick was impossible because it wasn´t hurtself. So as you can see we lost big, and it wasn´t just that we played a lousy game, they where really good to. The result of round one: 47-248, difference -201.

Round Two: Teamplay. After the first round we changed mode to Hurtall (Or whatever you call it). A constant flow of: "(someone) loses another friend", not funny at all. I have almost never played this mode and it was hard to learn to let go of the attack key. The result of round two: 69-90, difference -21.

Final Result: [CP]116-[SC]338