Combat Plebs Vs. Swedish Serial Killers

Date: 97-03-08

Round One:CTF. After some problem (as usually) with torgets server we took a empty public server. We shouldn´t done that, you can see on the result why. Dr. Feelgood and other funny players joined. Very disturbing, but anyway this game is official (?). After a very confused start, we in CP just ran backward and forward with no structure, we could finally put up a fight but then it was to late. Just when I got the streght rune the round was over. The result of round one: 149-359, difference -210.

Round Two: CTF. This one went much better, but they had 4 LPB and we had none. Then it was to hard to catch up them, we made a nice try but that Asshole just stopped us from reaching our goal. The result of round two: 406-272, difference +134.

Final Result: [CP]555-[SSK]631