Combat Plebs Vs. The UnWanted

Date: 97-02-23

Round One: E1M1. TeamPlay. Our new member Ior first match. He did a killer start and help us to finally get a grip of the situation. I dont really like this kind of playing, there were never an armor when you need it, and nothing to attack or defend (except the Rocket Launcher). But despite this we won, it was narrow, but this period were successful. Dont mind those two with zero frags, they came in later. The result of round one 88-76, difference +12.

Round Two: E2M1. CTF. Puh, this was CLOSE! At first TUW managed to capture the flag atleast 4 times before we could manage to put up a defense. But then... I saw the light, to true path, the strenght rune... Hallelua! with that me whole play changed, we could finally put up a fight. Our defence was superb, and we took their base. The score turned from nearly nothing to winning scores, and we can proud say: CP rules ;). The result of round two 504-343 , difference +161 .

Final Result: [CP]592 -[TUW]419