Date: 1999-03-13
Topic: DM wins =) and Space leaving =(

The good news: We've played and won a couple of DM/HPW games (VIP and SZ).

...and the bad: Space has left our DM team for Euthanasia. Well Space, we thank you for the excellent playing you´ve done with us, and wish you the best of luck in your new DM clan!

// Korik

Date: 1999-03-09
Topic: LPB vs Cute

In a couple of days we´re going to play the Cute LPB team in a TCL championship game. We really need to sharpen up our (so called) lpb teamplay so it would be nice if all signed lpbs showed up some minutes before the game. Thanks in advance. Good luck to us :)

// Sato

Date: 1999-03-07
Topic: Matches, matches, matches...

Lots of matches have been played. The LPB team won a training against NEC (2-0) and I hope that the LPB teamplay will work from now on.

We lost to Cute in a hard TCL HPW game. The match was very even and well played by both teams but Cute had that little extra on their side and managed to win with 3-1 (3-0 with TCL rules). GG to Cute for a awesome game! Well played.

We also played against Lego and won with a small margin (1496-1480). Thanks to Lego for an exciting game. Finally... well done guys!

// Sato

Date: 1999-02-15
Topic: 200 matches!

Last night we played our 200th clan match! I´m especially happy about it because my ping was good enough to let me play the entire game... and fairly well, too.

Thanks to Nii! for letting us celebrate our 200th match with a win =)

// Korik

Date: 1999-02-14
Topic: New members and matches

Two new LPB members: Jenny and Inzo. Welcome to CoP, we hope that you will have a nice time playing with us.

We played an LPB training against the HELL clan yesterday and a match against the same clan today - also a defeat :)

Perhaps we should change our LPB team map or make a strategy. Whatever.. GG to HELL for quite a funny and well played game.

// Sato

Date: 1999-01-26
Topic: Combat Plebs 2nd anniversary!

Exactly two years ago we played our first clan match! (Go check out the battle report) Since none of us old-timers remember exactly when the clan was founded, we'll have to use this date for our anniversary.

I hope you newer members will help make our third year as successful as the first two! Or something... =)

// Korik

Date: 1999-01-21
Topic: Match

Last night the hpw team played a nice ctf game against the 381 clan. CoP won the match by 4-0 (3934-331) and performed very well (as usual). I hope that they never change our home map, e2m5, I love watching the hpw team crush on it :)

// Sato

Date: 1999-01-14
Topic: Training and member info

The lpb team played a training against the HELL clan today and lost by 0-4.
During the game SkurK became angry and tired of not getting any weapons. Suddenly he said that he was going to leave the clan after this round. It seemed like a very quick decision. This is the second lpb player that quits in two days. Very sad :(

// Sato

Date: 1999-01-13
Topic: Match and member info

I'm sorry to say that StreeM has left the clan. He has quit playing Quake (he was also very inactive for a long time) and didn´t see any reason to be in a clan anymore. We wish you good luck StreeM !
We also played a ctf game tonight against the BsB clan and won it by 4-0. Thank´s for the match BsB, GG !

// Sato

Date: 1999-01-10
Topic: Match information

We played a nice match against Clan 6 Saturday evening, which ended 3-1 (2777-827) to us :-), nice work guys!

// Losec

Date: 1999-01-07
Topic: Testing CGI + match info

Nice work Korik, the cgi seems to be working fine ! Just wanted you to know that the LDS clan (which our dm team managed to beat in a awesome fight some time ago) defeated the [o](Oblivion) clan some days ago. That means that we did a nice job :)

// Sato

Date: 1999-01-07
Topic: CGI rewls!

I have added some CGI stuff that will make it very easy for you other CoP:s to update our home page. Just contact me for the password! And don´t fuck anything up (or the password will just stop working, hehe).

// Korik

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