The CT-Eff home page

CT-Eff is a Quake log evaluation tool for Win9x/NT. It is designed for use with the "Anka" and "Pure CTF" patches, but is also useful for ordinary CTF and Deathmatch logs.

CT-Eff can read client logs, server logs and demos from Quake 1, QuakeWorld and Quake 2 and also logs from Q3Test.

Here is an example of what CT-Eff can produce and here is a feature chart.


CT-Eff v3.0ß

Log2Txt v0.9

Dem2Log v1.1



1999-05-25    CT-Eff v3.0 beta and Dem2Log v1.1
For a while now, I've been working on and off on a new release. Now that Q3Test has been released I think itīs a good time to release a beta of the new CT-Eff. Naturally, it has Q3 support =] (with a few restrictions, however). Hereīs a list of the new stuff:
  • Preliminary Q3 support
  • New option "-ft" to set the table text font
  • Added support for Clan Arena and LMCTF
  • Exact time is now extracted from demos
  • Improved color coding in the time graphs
  • Autodetects DM or CTF (the -d switch was removed)
  • Improved the CT-Eff ranking value
  • Several bug fixes in the time logging and demo reading code
Also, I've fixed a few bugs in Dem2Log. It now inserts time information in the log file so that you can get (almost) exact time graphs from a log file! If there is any demand for Un*x builds, contact me.

1998-11-04    CT-Eff v2.01 and Dem2Log v1.1
I goofed a little in the demo reading code. It worked with the first 17 demos I tested, but crashed with the 18th... And, of course, that was the first demo I ran after I released v2.0 =)

1998-10-26    CT-Eff v2.0 and Dem2Log v1.0
What's new:
  • A graphical user interface for CT-Eff
  • CT-Eff now also reads demos
  • Demo formats .DEM and .DM2 are now supported
The new face of CT-Eff is basically a dialog that let's you set the options in a (slightly) more user-friendly manner =]. It will remember the settings from the previous invocation, and you can also save three different sets of options.

Both CT-Eff and Dem2Log now support Quake 1, QuakeWorld and Quake 2 demos up to versions 1.09, 2.30 and 3.19 respectively. So now there's no need to run both Dem2Log and CT-Eff if you want to analyze a demo.

1998-10-07    Dem2Log and Log2Txt
No updates to CT-Eff, but I've begun writing a tool that converts Quake demos to console logs. That saves a lot of time compared to playing demos in Quake just to get a log file.

Preliminary tests show that Dem2Log converts a 20 minute demo in about 1 second. However, this is only an early beta and it's only been tested with demos from QuakeWorld v2.10 and v2.21. Support for RQ and Q2 is coming soon.

Also, I've decided to release a little converter, Log2txt, that makes Quake logs a little more readable for a human. (Quake-SCI to ASCII :)

And finally, I gave the webpage a more spiffy look! :)

1998-09-02    CT-Eff v1.1
I have moved from Gothenburg to Zürich for my new job. So far, I haven't been able to play any Quake =( but on the other hand I've had some time over for developing CT-Eff... =)

New features:
  • Graphs displaying frags as a function of time (for both individual and team scores)
  • A section with "miscellaneous" stats, such as quickest/slowest capture and most frequent duellists
  • Now handles the case when you are missing one or more of your pictures or demos

1998-07-13    CT-Eff v1.01
A few more fixes (duh).

1998-06-24    CT-Eff v1.0
What's new:
  • Fixed a few small bugs. Hopefully the last ones (yeah, right!)
  • Added a switch "-r" that tells CT-Eff to sort players by CT-Eff/rank

1998-06-10    CT-Eff v0.99
What's new:
  • Fixed a small bug that had crept into the code... (the weapon statistics matrix could get the wrong heading).
  • Added a switch "-f" that may be used to change the font for the body text.

1998-06-08    CT-Eff v0.98
What's new:
  • Support for Quake 2 (both CTF and Deathmatch)
  • Support for free-for-all games (i e non-team matches)

1998-06-06    CT-Eff v0.97
What's new:
  • Support for PureCTF server logs
  • Added weapon statistics
  • Added printout of number of rounds won
  • A few small fixes and layout changes

1998-05-28    CT-Eff v0.95
The public release of CT-Eff! Note that it's still in the "beta"-stage (whatever that means =) as I don't consider it to be completely finished. Watch this space for updates, etc.

Send suggestions and bug reports to me.