Korik's Frag Page

Here is a list of my most memorable frags. There are situations when I have made narrow escapes, triumphant raids and some spectacular foul-ups, when I end up killing myself... :-) I have tried to describe them as accurately as my memory permits.

The Necropolis

96120? (red team)

The blue team had our flag. I was close to their base, so I ran in there to see if I could find it. I found the flag carrier alone in blue base. I grappled on to him and while I did that, he used his hook to pull himself up towards the roof of the tower (he probably didn't see me coming in). So when he flew up, I went with him. I switched to my trusty double-barrel so I would make double damage. Before long, I fragged him. When he died, he naturally let go of both the flag and the wall, and my grappling hook also lost its grip. Up there in the tower I was falling down, looking upwards at the dead blue guy and our flag, also falling downwards... It looked pretty cool! A fraction of a second after I hit the floor, the flag landed on top of me, and it was returned to base...

The Necropolis

961211 (blue team)

I had collected the rocket launcher, and proceeded towards the staircase leading up to red base. All of a sudden, I ran into a red guy (Popqorn), also armed with the rocket launcher. As usual, I missed him (and probably hurt myself in the process), and I suspect he hit me as well. In any case, I was feeling very bad, with about 10 in health. I jumped down to the secret area, were I knew there was some health to be found. Popqorn was on my tail. I moved as far into the room as I could, until I was standing immediately to the left of the entrance. Popqorn stood right at the entrance and started firing lots and lots of rockets, just barely missing me. I thought "if he goes any further in, he'll blow me to pieces". Then he stopped firing and I thought "he'll be coming in now, won't he..." I don't know if I reacted to his move, or if I fired a rocket "just in case", but I got him, with one shot. He must have fired at least twenty rockets at me...

The Necropolis

961213 (blue team)

I had been killed a couple of times by someone hanging from the ceiling in red base. So when I was just about to enter red base, I thought I'd better check the ceiling first. I stood in the doorway, just outside the room and fired a rocket upwards so it would hit the ceiling just above the door on the inside. It was just a guess, but when I heard the characteristic "ow!" sound, I knew I had guessed right. Another rocket took care of him and the flag was mine...

Slipgate Complex

961213 (red team)

Methabol entered our base and took our flag. I only had the double-barrel, but I thought I might as well go after him, so I ran. Unfortunately, I had another blue chasing after me... I was just close enough to Methabol to hit him once in a while, and when we reached about halfway down the spiral leading down to blue base, I finally got him, and returned the flag! Then, my follower caught up with me. I thought "Shit! Well, at least I got our flag back". I turned around and actually cut him in half with one (or possibly two) shots. Then it dawned on me that I had the strength rune...

Castle of the Damned

961226 (red team)

I had just completed my usual "equipment run" around the level and I headed towards the blue base. Then I met a team-mate who had just taken the flag. I had the rocket launcher and quad as well, so I thought I would run in front of our flag carrier to clear the way. There were no blues to be seen, so when I approached our base I thought they'd be there waiting for us... And they were: Three blue guys standing at the far end of the room. I quickly fired two rockets and ducked out of the room. Unusually for me, I actually hit and killed both guys I aimed at. (Well, quad helps your aim a bit ;-) Then I ducked into the room again and got the third guy as well. Then one of the blues respawned right near me. I got him too, but a little too close to me. "Bored with life"... Anyway, I cleared our base! No assist frags though, since the blues didn't hit the carrier even once...

Hell's Atrium

970102 (blue team)

I was outside the red base, armed with the grenade launcher. A couple of reds had held the base for a while, one of them armed with rockets. I picked up the quad damage and wondered how they would like some of my pineapples... I swiftly ducked out in front of them and started lobbing grenades, hoping that I'd get them before they got me. The guy with RL was nearest, and died first. The other one didn't pick up his backpack however, but that was understandable under the circumstances :-). I ran across the ledge to try to finish him off as well. I did, but unfortunately, I forgot to back off from the grenades that hadn't exploded yet. Shit...

The Necropolis

970127 (blue team)

Respawn near blue base, so I went there to pick up yellow armour and the SNG. Made my way towards the yellow base, and saw that it was rather crowded around the RL spot. I thought, what the heck, I'll just run into yellow base to see what happens. Caught up with a yellow guy as I ran into the base and started to chase him with nails. Entered the inner room, and lots of yellows started firing at me. There were at least one RL, probably two, among them. I thought: I'm going down, but at least I'll try to take one of them with me. So I kept shooting at this yellow dude, and I got him! Lo and behold! He had our flag! I returned it, and picked up the other stuff he left. Rocket launcher and haste! Cool... However, by this time I was badly injured, so I only got one more of them before I died. Oh, one more thing: My team scored a capture...

The Installation

970319 (red team)

I was trapped in red base, with a blue dude with rocket launcher standing in the corridor to the left. I also had rockets, but only about 30 health left. We both fired some rockets, but we were out of range of each other's fire. With 30 in health, I didn't feel like running out to surprise him. I couldn't run out of there either, since he'd just nail me in the back. If I waited, he'd come storming in... Shit. I thought "what in hell am I going to do?". Then I got a nice idea: I used the grappling hook to position myself in the ceiling above the doorway! Just after that, he came in to the room, looked around, and it was as if I could hear him say "What the f-" just before I gibbed him...


970601 (LMS)

Me and "Bruiser" were the only ones left in the round. I was probably sniping somewhere, because since he was a low-pinger, I was being rather careful... Then I heard him jump and then take the 100 health bonus. Yes! There he is! I quickly ran to the large room and fired a rocket up towards the 100+ area. Bingo! It was a bullseye! Then I saw him jump off the ledge, so I judged where he was going to land, and fired a rocket at that spot. BANG! He was dead...


970621 (LMS)

I had just had a battle with "Ferox" in the rocket launcher room. I barely escaped getting killed by going up the elevator to the corridor. I was rather low on health, so I thought I'd try to fool him a bit. Instead of running to the other end of the corridor, I moved to the corner just to the right of the elevator. He fired rockets up into the corridor, but since he thought I was running away, he was aiming for the farther end, and the rockets flew just past me. (Phew!) I waited a bit, hoping he would go after me, and he did! He walked right past me, and I (literally) fried his ass with the lightning gun...

The Grisly Grotto

970825 (CTF, red team)

I had succeeded in taking the blue flag and halfway back to base I met an enemy who had just stolen ours. I didn't dare go after him so I hoped that my teammates would take up the chase and get our flag back. Up in our base I waited and waited. No flag. I considered going after the flag myself, but I thought it would be an unnecessary risk to do so. I waited some more. "On the other hand", I thought, "I have the resistance rune, so perhaps I could pull it off. What the hell..." I picked up some more rockets and headed for blue base. Pretty soon I was under attack, so I retreated to restore my health and armour. One more go, I thought. The same thing happened again: I took a fair bit of damage even before entering the blue base. So, once more, I retreated to home base. The third time, however, I got a little further without encountering resistance. I used the grappling hook to scale the wall outside the blue base. I positioned myself high up, close to the opening in the wall so I could fire rockets into the base. I took out two or three defenders, and then it was all quiet. I couldn't see the familiar glow of the flag carrier, but I thought he must be in there somewhere. I ran into the base, found him and quickly took him out. "Wow", I thought, "if only I could get back safely, with our flag still in the base". I waited a little while for health and armour. With resistance and red armour I had no trouble getting back to base to score the capture...

The Palace of Hate

971129 (CTF, red team)

I was defending the red base when a blue guy with the pentagram of protection attacked. Luckily, I noticed that the pentagram in our base had also just respawned, so I quickly picked it up. Since I knew I couldn't kill the attacker, the only thing I could do was to try to prevent him from taking our flag. I simply aimed at the floor where the flag stood and fired a continuous stream of rockets. The explosions made it difficult for the attacker to get close to the flag, and when he was almost close enough to grab it, he bounced into the teleporter! (He actually thought he *had* grabbed it! :-] )