Miscellaneous Stuff

Some Windows Utilities

Here are a few utilities (Win32 console apps) for Win95/98/NT:

   Cmp    Compares two files or directories
CopyDateCopies the file dates from one file to another
CutCuts a number of bytes out of a file
SetDateChanges the file modification date on a file
SleepSuspends execution for a selectable number of seconds

Windows File Icons

I was tired of seeing these document icons with varying styles, varying sizes, varying positions etc., so I made some new icons for the document types that are most common on my system. They also look good together with the picture file icons that come with ACDSee.

Windows File Icons v2.0

In release 2 of my icons I´ve used the idea of suffix labels also for text, sound and movie files. The icons now come in an executable that makes it very easy to install (and uninstall) them. Here you can see the large icons.

The sound icons are based on Tal Sella´s Win98+ icons.