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2000-07-03    New versions of the Amarok and VidAmp plugins (again)
Oops, I messed up the releases from yesterday... The date in the About box was wrong, and I also noticed a strange delay in the DestroyWindow() call. My fix seems to work though! Those talented guys over at MessySoft do sneak some nice surprises into their products to keep us programmers entertained...

Anyway, I just uploaded the new versions... The version numbers are the same, but the "correct" versions have the date "03 Jul" in them.

2000-07-02    New versions of the Amarok and VidAmp plugins
The new version of VidAmp fixes the "crash at exit" that many users have reported. Apparently, version 2.6 of WinAmp has been changed around a bit internally and this, combined with a slightly ugly technique I used to use in Amarok and VidAmp, caused the crashes.

The changes to WinAmp also mean that if you use certain plugins there is a very large risk that WinAmp enters a deadlock state when quitting. I wonder who came up with that brilliant idea... and why. Anyway, I've fixed that as well in my plugins. The only drawback is that in very rare cases (I hope, heh) WinAmp will take 20 seconds to shut down.

VidAmp v1.0 - changes:
  • Proper fullscreen mode that is only used when playing a file (fullscreen can be set in the options dialog or toggled by pressing space)
  • Improved the skin format
  • Fixed several bugs
Amarok v1.2 - changes:
  • Shows entire CD:s in the list
  • Improved the skin format
  • Fixed several bugs and quirks
I've changed the skin layout slightly, so that the buttons are now 20 pixels high instead of 18. Updates to my Amarok and VidAmp skins can be found on the skin page along with a couple of new additions.

2000-02-13    Version 1.1 of the Amarok Plugin
I've just uploaded an update to the Amarok plugin. Here are the changes since version 1.0:
  • Input plugins can now send subsong names to Amarok
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes interfered with the WinAmp repeat function
  • Fixed a problem in the input plugin communication
  • Fixed the "Play first subtrack" menu option

1999-12-07    ZIP/RAR unpacker plugin
I´ve written a small plugin that lets you compress files with ZIP or RAR. This is primarily intended for the MOD-style formats and the only extensions supported in this first release is MDZ and MDR. Just compress the songs using ZIP or RAR, rename them to MDZ or MDR respectively, and this plugin will decompress the files automatically!

1999-11-14    Amarok(s)!
The long-awaited (heh) WinAmp version of the Amarok Player is here!

Basically, this plugin is a sub-song manager. It enables you to put "bookmarks" in songs so that you can easily jump to a particular position in a song. It works with all input plugins that support seeking.

Another feature of the Amarok plugin is that it can "talk" to input plugins that support music formats with sub-songs. This means that Amarok displays which sub-songs the current song has, and you can easily jump to any of these. Currently, the only input plugin that interfaces to Amarok is Per Lindén's TFMX plugin, but hopefully others will follow.

I've also added Amarok skins to my favourite skins.

1999-02-13    The IR-Man
My IR-Man remote control receiver arrived last week! It works perfectly and the receiver is very sensitive, much more so than the tape deck my remote control belongs to =].

There were a few features I missed in the IR-Man plugin, so I added them... (check the plugins section)

1999-01-29    I found a TFMX plugin!
I found a plugin for playing TFMX modules (see "Links"). Even though it's an early alpha release, it seems to work very well.

Now that I have plugins for FutureComposer, SoundMon and TFMX, I can listen to almost all my old mods from the Amiga days through WinAmp. The remaining few obscure mod formats would probably require a full emulator of the Amiga CPU and sound hardware, a la SIDPlay...

1999-01-24    A web page for my WinAmp stuff...
Well, what´s new... not much. I have only one WinAmp 2.x skin and two SidAmp skins, but it´s a start!

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step (ancient Chinese proverb)



WinAmp   No comment =]
Customize.orgSkin site
Skinz.orgA really nice skin site! Updated daily, unlike =)
Mp3.comAll kinds of mp3-related stuff

Skin artists
AZD   Maker of the AZD series skins
Fli7eAuthor of the "Beatforge II" and "Comely" skins
Misery in MotionHome of the "Stainless" and "ASmith Network" skins
$teven$teven made the "Midnight", "Xtinction" and "Mecko" skins
YUGYUG has done "Deep", "Sonicated" and "SII" (Sonicated 2)

SidAmp   Plays them old C=64 songs!
Oldsk00lPlays FutureComposer, SoundMon, Deli-Custom (!) and other mods
TFMX playerHome of the Win32 TFMX Player and the TFMXPlug WinAmp plugin
AHX playerPlays AHX tunes (a bit unusual perhaps, but there are some very good ones)
IrManRemote control for your WinAmp