Date: 1998-11-19
Topic: Im back!

Now I have my new internet connection at last... Unfortunately the net around here really sucks, so my ping varies from mediocre to really bad: Well see how much I can play (without calling Sweden, of course :-] ).

Anyway, Ive put up this temporary version of our home page. I hope we can get a proper server for it soon (and the real address: :-] ).

// Korik

Date: 1998-09-214 23.32
Topic: :(

We have lost several members since last update. It's a shame that these people left us. Very sad because it was people who have played with us for a long time. So, we are looking for some new members, visit #cop om quakenet and talk to me (IRC).

// Losec

Date: 1998-08-27 10.32
Topic: Ello!

Well, lotsa things have happened since last update. Korik has moved to Switzerland, Nagual is no longer in CoP (I miss him already) and we have played a few matches in the TCL league.

// Losec

Date: 1998-08-12 01:58
Topic: buuh!

Look what they made me do! They forced me to update, so now you'll have to bear my lousy english, hoho, that's what you get for making me do these such things.. hahah! Ok, to get to the point, we won over hpw ACE, TCL, 3 - 1, scores and statistics could be found (as usual) on the battle page!

// Liech

Date: 1998-08-07 17:21
Topic: New homepage (again..sigh)

Rooster got a couple of days of holiday...and since he felt so bored he made yet another design of the page.
Hope you like it..if not..mail me

// Rooster

Date: 1998-08-04
Topic: 150 matches!

Last night we played our 150th match since the Combat Plebs were founded! And it's was a nice win, too (stats are here). Ob-disclaimer: This includes many of our training games, but of course, there may also be a few matches we've forgotten... (Losses, most likely :)

Also, I have added some pictures to Rooster's Pleb-Party report!

// Korik

Date: 1998-07-19
Topic: Wee!

CoP welcomes our new HPW member Liech. He will be playing HPW with us since WR closed their section... he will still be playing LPB with WR though.

We also welcome Rai and DamDiDam of course.

A game versus Momma's Boys was played this Sunday... and here are the screenshots:

I got 3 disconnects... not so fun. Damn modem... Anyway, we won 4-0 in maps so there is not so much to whine about.

// Rooster

Date: 1998-07-06
Topic: phew..

Hello dear readers...this is rooster right back from the "yran" festival in Östersund..quite tired after one hour of efficent sleep last night... if you want to read a full(tm) report click here.

Some matches has been played..check em out..if you have questions about the big loss against lords we have several reasons in our back pockets..anyway..they played really good too!

// Rooster

Date: 1998-06-30
Topic: Dami-di-am

Some new fights in the SANDBOX area (strange name uh?) A Mayor win against BoD for example. Today this years edition of STORSJÖYRAN begins! It's like party the whole week! :))

// Losec

Date: 1998-06-13
Topic: Fight

T took the opportunity to update this page..We have played against Hell in a lpb fight..and it went quite well:

2903 - 472 to us

We thank hell for the game..and remember..quake is just a game

// Rooster

Date: 1998-06-01
Topic: New homepage

I think a new homepage is in I made an hasty one. And please dont complain on my English or I will start write in Swedish..but then again, you will have even more to complain on. This is hopefully only a preview of the finished homepage.

I also want to take the opportunity to welcome our latest member SpikE in the hpw section..welcome welcome!

// Rooster