Holiday snaps - Austria

1997-07-09 Austria

Late in the afternoon we passed the Austrian border, and soon afterwards we saw the first hints of the alps.

1997-07-10 Burg Hohenwerfen

After spending the night at a lovely "Gasthof" near Salzburg, we continued on our journey south. Then, all of a sudden, we see this castle high up on a mountain...

1997-07-10 Burg Hohenwerfen

This was taken just outside the main entrance of the castle.

1997-07-10 Burg Hohenwerfen

Looking out through one of the small windows in the wall (that you can see in the previous picture).

1997-07-13 Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse

On the way home, we decided to take the scenic route, in this case the "Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse". The highest point along this road is 2504 meters above sea-level...

Here we have stopped in a small parking lot and the picture is taken looking back along the way we came. It's definitely steeper than it looks!

1997-07-13 Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse

A majestic view... and we're still a long way from the top!

1997-07-13 Grossglockner Hochalpenstrasse

This is my co-driver Jörgen with the "Grossglockner" in the background.

Here we are more than 2000 meters above sea-level, and the temperature was a bit cold for wearing shorts: About 14 degrees Centigrade (even though it was a warm day with almost 30 degrees at more "normal" altitudes).

1997-07-13 Autobahn A10

After getting out of the mountains, we continued the journey north on the freeway. I was a bit surprised to see the Hohenwerfen castle again. Even though I was driving, I really wanted a picture of it. So the picture is taken from the driver's seat, with my buddy doing the steering! =]