Holiday snaps - Sailing trip

1996-06-24 Near Lysekil

Some friends and I rented a sailing boat and set out for a trip along the west coast of Sweden. Here's one of the nice old boats we saw along the way.

1996-06-27 Grundsund

We landed in Grundsund for lunch and a bit of shopping. After lunch we had a stroll through the little village. Looks like a nice little summer house, doesn't it?

1996-06-27 Käringön

Sunset seen across the guest harbour at Käringön. Our boat is somewhere in that clutter of masts. One of the smallest ones, actually...

This was our last night of the trip so of course we had a party (well, more party than the other days, heh). I was fairly drunk when I took this picture, so I'm surprised it turned out this good... =)

1996-06-27 Käringön

Another picture of the sunset, this one taken from the aft of the boat.

1996-06-28 Mellan Käringön och Orust (?)

On the last leg of the trip we saw this old beauty.