WinAmp Plugins

Amarok Plugin v1.2

This is the WinAmp version of Göran Wallgren's Amarok Player. This plugin is not a CD player like Amarok Player, but a WinAmp general plugin that brings the sub-song functionality to all seekable (and and few other) music formats supported by WinAmp and all its third party input plugins.

The main features of the Amarok plugin:
  • You can add "bookmarks" to any song that is seekable
  • The bookmarks can also be used for timed display of lyrics
  • Compatible with Amarok Player track lists (.trk)
  • Integrates well with WinAmp (the window is skinnable and dockable)
  • Able to show subsongs for the Oldsk00l, TFMX and Unpack plugins.
Both the player and the plugin were inspired by Mike Oldfield's album "Amarok". The CD is just over an hour long, with one track, and I always thought it was a pain to fast-forward to my favourite part - at 42 minutes and 22 seconds =).

  • Skins for the Amarok plugin
  • Track list files containing sub-song info and lyrics (mostly Mike Oldfield albums)

VidAmp plugin v1.0

This plugin lets you play AVI, MPEG, MOV (QuickTime), and ANIM video clips using WinAmp. AVI and MPEG files are played using the Windows MCI drivers and MOV using Apple's QuickTime for Windows. VidAmp has native support for IFF ANIM files (types 5 and 7).

To improve playback of AVI and MPEG files, you may need to install the Windows Media Player.

For QuickTime support, you need to install QuickTime for Windows.

IR-Man plugin v2.1 beta
I've added a few features to the original IR-Man remote control receiver plugin:
  • Scans selectable paths (and creates playlist)
  • Balance left/right/center
  • Start/stop visual plugin
Thanks go to M. Bos for the source to the IR-Man plugin!

Unpack plugin v0.9
This plugin transparently unpacks ZIP and RAR compressed music files into a temporary directory and then starts playing the decompressed file. The compressed files must be named MDZ or MDR (for ZIP and RAR, respectively). Any file type supported by WinAmp can be compressed, although for some formats you wonŽt gain anything by compressing the files.

For the actual decompression, the plugin uses UNZIP32.DLL and UNRAR.DLL. These libraries can be downloaded from the home pages of InfoZIP and RarSoft.